About us

Our Story

When Super Furries™ started, we were just a group of designers who love dogs. We were unhappy with the look, feel, and versatility of dog toys on the market, so we decided to create one ourselves.
We found out that dogs everywhere loved our Custom product as much as our own, so we began to work on bringing customization to all the other essential pet products such as pet portrait painting.
Now our top priority while building out the Super Furries™ brand was to create it with you in mind! We put a lot of work into selecting a variety of soft, durable, safe, and easy to clean materials of products for your cat's / dog’s everyday use. We’re thrilled to share this with you and we’ll continue to bring you more options with the best products and experience around!

What We Do

Also SuperFurries is a great choice for finding top quality pet products and accessories for pet lovers. We sell a variety of high quality products for your dogs, cats. We carry pet products such as treats, toys, supplements, leashes / collars, beds, bowls, Cleaning supplies, grooming supplies, kitty litter and more.
As devoted pet parents to some pretty cool fur-kids we've experienced first hand how much time can be spent trying to find the right pet supplies, services and advice to meet our pet's needs.
That's why we created Super Furries, an online pet store dedicated to bringing you rich, engaging pet care advice and a range of trusted pet products online. We tie this all together with a customer experience designed to ensure you spend less time worrying about your needs and more time doing the things you and your dog or cat or small pet love to do together.
It's a simple idea and it all comes down to Amazing Care, Astounding Value and Awesome Service.

Our Team

Our team is very knowledgeable, and we all believe that the safety and comfort of your pets is our top priority. Meet the Fantastic  team - experience dog, cat and other pet sitters devoted to provide your beloved one with quality care and love.