Learn these 4 tricks!! Dogs will never tired of playing toys

He bought so many toys for his dog, why would he rather destroy the house than play? There is only one reason, that is, dogs are tired of playing! In fact, dogs love the new and dislike the old. If the toys you buy for it always appear in front of its eyes, its freshness to toys will naturally fade in a few days. Then the owner must play a little "be careful", let the dog think that he has new toys to play with, so he will not get tired! In fact, it only takes a few tricks to keep the dog fresh with toys. You can also save money, and perhaps reduce the number of times the dog "dismantles" the house!

Learn these 4 tricks!! Dogs will never tired of playing toys

Don't keep all the toys beside the dog. There is a lyric called "The unavailable is always in commotion." The same is true for toys to dogs. We should not keep toys by their side. At first, dogs may like to play, but with the freshness When it fades, it will gradually abandon the toy without even looking at it. Therefore, after the ower return from buying a new toy, it is best to set a time limit for the dog to play with and hide the toy after playing so that it will not touch it. Take it out when you allow it to play. The advantage of this is that it allows the dog to keep the toy fresh and cherish it more when playing.

Rotate toys for dogs

It is best not to give all the toys to the dog at once. After a period of time, the dog's freshness to these toys will fade. Therefore, the owner can prepare 3 to 4 toys for the dog every week, and only allow him to play with these toys this week. When they change to another batch of toys next week, they will have a very high sense of freshness to the new batch of toys, and naturally, they will have a great time.

Let dogs have positive associations with toys

Some owners may say that their dogs do not seem to be interested in toys. This may be that the dog has lost interest in these toys, and you can use a little trick to make the dog fall in love again. The easiest way is to add some new temptations to toys to re-stimulate the dog's interest in toys. For example, when the dog is actively playing with this toy, give him some snacks as a reward. When the dog doesn't like to play with a certain chew toy, put a little peanut butter on the toy and tempt it with the smell of food. When they see this toy next time, they will think of the aroma of peanut butter, and naturally, they will give priority to this chew toy.

Change the gameplay of toys 

Give a toy to a dog, it may only use one method to play. Naturally, after a while, the dog will get bored. The owner can think a little bit, think about how a toy can be played in multiple ways, and guide the dog to stay enthusiastic about the toy for a longer time. For example, food leakage toys, many food leakage toys on the market can adjust the difficulty. After the dog has adapted to the simple gameplay, the owner can increase the difficulty for the dog. When the dogs are familiar with all the difficulties, the shovel officer can consider changing to larger foods. When the food has not been poured out, the dog will continue to try various angles and methods to get the food out. This will not only allow the dog to think but also practically exercise its patience. Toys are not expensive for dogs. When the owner chooses toys, he needs to choose according to the dog's preferences, and make good use of this toy, then the dog will naturally love this toy.