Can pets also suffer from Covid-19? Here is what you need to know

Pet owners may want to know whether the coronavirus, which has infected tens of thousands of people worldwide and causes the disease Covid-19, poses a threat to cats and dogs, and whether these pets will become carriers of the virus.

So far, the short answer is: no. Unless you are in an area where the disease is spreading rapidly, there is no need to take any action or preparation. Even if you are in an area where many people have been infected with the coronavirus, there is no evidence that pets will be infected. Of course, because this is a new type of virus, veterinarians cannot be 100% sure whether the infection is possible. Therefore, if you carry this virus or are in an area with a high incidence of interpersonal infection, some preventive measures may be helpful. Here are some brief facts and recommended measures, based on recommendations provided by the World Health Organization, the World Organisation for Animal Health.

Can pets also suffer from Covid-19?

Have any pets been infected with this virus?

As far as the researchers know, no. The pet dog of a COVID-19 patient was tested and his nose and mouth were weakly positive for the virus. However, the dog was not infected. As every dog ​​owner knows, the dog's nose and mouth touch almost everywhere.

What precautions should pet owners take?

 No, unless you are sick with the coronavirus or are in an area where the disease is spreading rapidly. The World Health Organization points out that washing hands with soap and water after contact with pets is always beneficial. 

If you are suffering from coronavirus disease and have a pet, The World Health Organization recommends that you wash your hands and wear a mask when you are with pets, just like when you are with people. You should also leave your pet in the house to avoid any possibility of spreading the virus.

What should I do if I am in a country where there are no signs of the virus spreading?  

Hug your pet. Take them for a walk. While watching the news, let them lie on your lap (if you can lie down). Pets have a good calming effect, and they are always better when the owner relaxes. Then go wash your hands and make your furry days.