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Can pets also suffer from Covid-19? Here is what you need to know

Pet owners may want to know whether the coronavirus, which has infected tens of thousands of people worldwide and causes the disease Covid-19, poses a threat to cats and dogs, and whether these pets will become carriers of the virus. So far, the short answer is: no. Unless you are in an area where the disease is spreading rapidly, there is no need to take any action or preparation. Even if you are in an area where many people have been infected with the coronavirus, there is no evidence that pets will be infected. Of course, because this is a new type of virus, veterinarians cannot be 100% sure whether the infection is possible. Therefore, if you carry this virus...

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Learn these 4 tricks!! Dogs will never tired of playing toys

He bought so many toys for his dog, why would he rather destroy the house than play? There is only one reason, that is, dogs are tired of playing! In fact, dogs love the new and dislike the old. If the toys you buy for it always appear in front of its eyes, its freshness to toys will naturally fade in a few days. Then the owner must play a little "be careful", let the dog think that he has new toys to play with, so he will not get tired! In fact, it only takes a few tricks to keep the dog fresh with toys. You can also save money, and perhaps reduce the number of times the dog "dismantles" the house!...

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Want dogs to be obedient? Five tips for positive training of dogs

Dogs are very intelligent animals. They can feel human emotions and know how to follow any instructions. Many people who have dogs hope that their dogs can understand their instructions, but they don't know how to train. Here are some tips that I believe will be useful to all dog owners. TIPS 1 - Pick the right time  When training a dog, it should be started when the dog is full of energy after waking up. No one likes being woken up suddenly and then asked to do weird behaviors again! If you choose the wrong time, it will turn your dog off. In addition, pay attention to the training time of the dog should not be too long, generally...

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